Operation Christmas Child Collection List

January: Sewing Kits: Thread, Needles, Pins, Zipper Pouch.  Bead Kits: Plastic Thread,  Twine, Pony Beads, Parachute Chord

February: Wash Clothes, Mild Soap                                                                        

March: Toothbrushes, Small Blankets, Tool Kits: NEW Hammer, Pliers, Screwdriver, Nails                                                                                         

April: Hairbrushes, Combs, Hair Clips, Toy Jewelry, Ball Caps, Small Plastic Bowls & Cups                                                                                                    

May: Small Picture Books, Small Coloring Books –Crayons collected in August when cheaper                                                                        

June: Matchbox Cars, Stuffed Toys, Dolls, Harmonicas, Yo-Yo’s, At Least One Yard of Cotton Fabric                                                                                                                                       

July: Jump Ropes, Slinky, Paddle Balls, Sun Glasses, Watches, Fishing Kits: NEW Fishing Line, Hooks, Bobbers, Sinkers (no rubber  worms)                                                                                                       

August: School Supplies on Sale!  Pencils, Pens, Sharpeners, Erasers, Crayons, Spiral Notebooks, Paper, Writing Pads, Glue Sticks, Child Safe Scissors (No liquid glue, No Hard Bound Notebooks or Binders—too big).                                                                                                   

September: Socks, Boys Shirts, Ball Caps, Simple & Modest Girls Dresses & Tank Tops                                                                                               

October: Packing Shoeboxes & Fundraiser for Shipping; Dedication of Boxes  

Do NOT include: Used or damaged items; no war-related items such as toy guns, knives, military figures; no candy or food; no liquids or lotions; no breakable items such as  snow globes  or glass containers;  no aerosol cans. No Money for the child. Remember: When buying, especially toys-they have to fit in a shoebox along with many other items.

  • We are collecting Pillow Cases all year and then will make girls dresses out of them. If you are interested in making these dresses please see Zoe.

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